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Perhaps the nastiest bit of educational advertising I have ever seen. No Meth for me!


34 thoughts on “Meth

  1. Around here in our rural areas, meth is a huge problem. I guess so around you also. The thing is, they keep passing these laws that’s supposed to curtail all this production and use, but it ain’t helping a bit.


  2. interesting question and the conversation is also interesting. I question the whole moral relativism of “Just say no to drugs”. I choose not to use any drugs aside from the occasional aspirin. I live in an inner city neighborhood where drugs are plentiful and openly used. Like the prev comment by “disperser” it’s been going on longer than any one of us have been alive. It is not something that is going to go away. The whole campaign just seems to be a marketing middle-class ploy to make people feel like something is being done. But that’s just my opinion. :-).


  3. Since I spent my childhood in doctor’s offices, and the rest of my life dealing with a physical condition I can never understand why anyone would put anything in their body to alter the feeling of just being who we are. Lately I’ve just had a round with osteoporosis meds that pretty much crippled me up good… till I finally told the doctor I was not going to take them any more… then the truth came out about them that they often did more harm than they did good. Anything that alters my body is off limits to me… and if anyone had any idea what terrors they unleash when they fool around with medications or drugs… it just escapes me how people can be so foolish. The ultimate feeling it to wake up in the morning and just feel alive with no pain able to feel real feelings able to know real joy.


    • I think that for many people there is no sense of joy at all and what they have instead is an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. With that mindset it is all about the moment and it doesn’t matter if tomorrow arrives or not.
      I appreciate your comment and welcome you. I also wish for you much comfort and joy.


  4. When Hope dies, is lost or misplaced (and as we all know it will happen in one’s life) and you do not actively seek it the hole will be filled one way or the other. We just have to be aware enough when it happens to us to fill it with things of real substance: Faith, Friends and Community lead my list…….and you guys are a part of that and I thank you.


  5. Hi Mike, I like your site and I love your photos. I read every comment here and really agreed with most, particularly the discussion with Jagged Man. People are feeling bad for all sorts of reasons(not for discussion here) and rather than face the pain they fill it with alternatives like meth, which only add more pain and dysfunction…..and boy does it affect your physical health and looks. How terribly sad all round but what a great way of getting the message out there. Sure, even if it speaks to only one person and makes them think twice, it has been worth it as addiction is an agony all of it’s own….because behind every addiction is a total loss of your freeedom. Thanks for coming to my site…one thing I like about that is that it has introduced me to your site but also it helps with my own confidence as a new blogger. I’ll be back to read more and read more of your past posts.


    • A lovely and well received comment. America has the largest prison population in the world, and most of them are there for drug related offenses. We are not a healthy or happy people, and the divisions run deep. Ok, that is my bedtime rant. Thanks for visiting. Stay in touch.


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