Silo Arm

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

The side of a closed silo complex extends an arm with tattered yellow cloth.  Like a flag of surrender, this yellow cloth has stood unused while it has been battered by the elements.


33 thoughts on “Silo Arm

  1. Love that bright splash of color. Have you ever wondered why you are so attracted to your choice of shattered, worn out, abandoned structures as a focus for your photography. I find that each one seems to have a story to tell.


    • Pat I think it is certainly connected to my own aging which can be viewed as shattered, worn out, and even abandoned (by those younger who choose not to look). But it is also true that there is a quiet beauty here that is largely overlooked in general. One of my tags is often wabi sabi which another reader turned me onto. Beauty in old things. Thoughts?


  2. Wabi Sabi indeed.
    Damn Mike, you make me wonder if we’re not all surrounded by these dinosaur relics, yet you’re the only one who sees them. Again, really nice use of lines.


  3. what a brillant shot Mike ..for once i could not look at anything else other than the flag..hundred possibilities started talking in my head all at once…
    all the what ifs…my goodness…does it mean aliens will play football now 😯


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