Estes Park, Colorado

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

A summer scene in Estes Park, Colorado, promises cooler temperatures and clean air.


35 thoughts on “Estes Park, Colorado

    • Might be Lily lake……can’t remember, and I’ve been there many times. Holly, you know what the best part of getting older is?……….I can’t remember that either.
      But I do remember how nice you are and it is always good to hear from you 🙂


  1. Quite a difference from the fires and recent events in Colorado…. Still there is peace somewhere… still it is still…


    • Most of the mountains in Colorado are as they were, before nature cleansed them with fire. Even after the fires, the still returned, although charred and barren. Time, if we have any left, will replenish it all.


  2. What a pretty, serene place. Oh, to go camping right near the lake’s edge, throw in a fishing line, grill the fish and sit by the lake just enjoying the quiet and the beautiful surroundings.


    • That pretty much is how it works at many of these sites in Colorado. I have caught some real nice trout up that way. Thank you for this nice comment.


    • Good for all of that. I will have a pretty post tomorrow. Marielba….say it once and its almost like praying
      Marielba….Marielba, Marielba, Marielba!
      (tell me the song and win $10,000)


  3. I used to vacation in the Estes area quite a bit back in the 80’s. That was back when I was poor and we tent camped, living like gypsies! I always found the best homemade taffy there!


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