51 thoughts on “A Bricked Prison

  1. Mike, I have to tell you, it looks like a wall/door to a defunked bank in a deserted shopping mall around here. Every time I see that door, it amazes me that banks go bankrupt…that towns disappear… that shadows and sand and emptiness stare at us from walls bricked up … there’s nothing behind the one here… and probably nothing behind the one there… yet odd to say someone felt it necessary to brick up the emptiness… πŸ™‚


    • abandoned homes and buildings littering America. Many countries actually. Bricks that close a door don’t tell of families destroyed. Hungry children, lost souls. and full prisons. Schools closing, church bells ringing, marching bands that can’t afford instruments. Oh I wish I had a river, I could skate away on.


      • Yea, bricking up the emptiness… perhaps bricking up all the tears falling … but I have a feeling even the tears have dried and blown away….


  2. Funny you should use the word well in your post …..not because it is a funny word but that water is the reason there is a well. Notice the bricks, both the ones of the original structure and the ones that came later, have a point where they faded into a zone of sameness: only water mixed with time can blend the old and new together.
    This place has been flooded a time or two but has the look of a desert. I too have the look of the desert but have had the healing floods come upon me a time or two. Nice pic man!


    • I have looked at those bricks and notice that the ones on the bottom do seem washed out. I thought perhaps they get more sunlight, but water is in the mix as well. Thank you Jagged Man.


      • No gutters on the building maybe? The water splashing up on the wall and then the sun coming out could faded it as such.


  3. Mike!! seriously … the ghosts now call you in dreams i am sure
    …and Horror hidden behind that wall is calling my name too,someday they will come out for spirits so evil cant be stopped with reasons or rhymes…one night it will happen i think i should be there when it does πŸ™‚


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