Peeling Doors

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

The tiny Northern Colorado town of Gill may well have passed ‘sleepy’ and is now close to dead. There is a grain elevator, and scattered homes in various states of disrepair. This may have been a store front before surrendering to economics and time.

31 thoughts on “Peeling Doors

  1. Wonderful! Maybe it was a saloon. Maybe a general store with barrels of dry goods and bolts of gingham and denim on the shelves. Women in long dresses and men in bib overalls patiently waiting their turn for their goods to be weighed and measured. Lovely shot, Mike!


  2. I’ve been finding some great old, decrepit wooden, brick, and clay structures just like yours but they never look as good. Well, maybe good is the wrong word. Photogenic? So I don’t post them. Another great shot!


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