Three Haiku Wednesday-Wheels

Β© 2012 Michael Fiveson

on these very wheels

a buggy took us to town

we let our knees touch



the terrain was rough

disease and sickness prevailed

a wagon train rolled



a lifetime with you

more than any man deserved

hard times were good times

37 thoughts on “Three Haiku Wednesday-Wheels

  1. Love the picture! Those steel rims are still holding the wheel, such as it is, in one (times two) piece!
    Hard times are here and now for The Jagged Man so the words “hard times were good times” are resonating with me right now. No easy button here and I think that is a good thing.
    I just want to tell you l am digging Haiku right now. I would say “Like McDonald’s I’m loving it” but those sorry so and so’s can’t get an order right if you paid them. Wait we do but seriously I love your Haiku so keep it flowing man!


  2. That haiku is stunning Mike..beautiful shot..what an interesting piece
    you know what i think some mysterious forces keep these lovely pieces strategically placed on earth just for you…


  3. Beautiful! Not only the photo but the words. I was not good at Haiku, and it is a pleasure to read yours. Now it makes sense to me. Thank you for helping me to understand, and for the like on my blog “Break Out the Tequila – Revisited.” Please come back again sometime soon — Barb, The Salmon Fishing Queen!


  4. Hello Mike,

    Read your poems,from wheels till last stop. Perfect title to stop, and repeat,
    Read them thrice and i don’t want to stop…go on and on.
    Beautiful haikus, siimply written thought-provoking words. They will stay with me for a long long time.
    I enjoyed reading them and as they makes one uncomfortable, I like it more.
    I will re-visit this page again, sometime next time.for your previous work.
    Thank you Mike.



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