51 thoughts on “Small Log Home

  1. That a cute log home and that’s quite the decoration, right at the front door. Notice the brush hanging above, quite useful if whoever lives there showers outside. 🙂


  2. It’s a lovely little log home… but I think you’re right about the windows…Looks like a one-roomer to me so it would dictate a simple life for sure…. Great if you can do it.


      • I wish I knew what happened to that world! Today, as I try to simplify, there are so many more demands upon us that we have to comply to. Perhaps you log cabin there reminds us of that simpler time when it was possible…


  3. I’m thinking the commode might come in handy if you couldn’t get the door open in time… Not too sure about the brush unless the whole thing might be a detached sauna – but surely not with curtains.

    Wonderful unique catch there! Has us all guessing.


    • I would sooner go behind the home than use that commode. But then again I’m a guy, so peeing is real easy.
      74 orange VW 🙂 (mine was purchased late 73 when the 74’s were already out)


      • Did you go back and look that up? I’m afraid I have to rely on memory – which is not so hot these days… Was the orange your first? My first was a white one bought new in either ’64 or ’66 – can’t seem to remember that one clearly.

        (I always did envy that male plumbing on camping trips and picnics 😉 )


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