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A building with 2 addresses strikes me as a curious thing. Why 420 on the door?


45 thoughts on “1907/420

    • Thursday would work. Wife’s car getting a new engine, she has mine so I’m on my bike. Can we do 11? email me…
      Oh, and no chance of 420 pharmacies in that town.


    • You have proven to be an effective and intelligent VP. At our next board meeting I am nominating you for my post, all benefits included.
      And thank you Adrian.


      • And you have done a wonderful job. You are hereby presented with the door whore merit badge. Wear it proudly. I will retire as an active board member and pursue refining my cricket game, which has grown crusty as I have grown more creepy. Cheerio.


      • In my new role I hereby appoint you as Honorary Life President and Chairman Emeritus. This is purely a decorative role; just open a few supermarkets, care homes and schools and smile for the camera. Consider it a bit like being put out to stud but less fun!


      • Make the necessary changes Adrian and do wear your badge proudly. Speaking for all the door whores of the world……here! here! “for hes’ a jolly good fellow….”
        And now, I must assume my duties as a stud. Wait, I have always been a stud!


  1. I’m a bit late to the conversation here. Not because I was exploring the number 420 or anything like that. Of course not me! But because I was exploring the number 1907, which, it appears, is insignificant unless you were the Chicago Cubs at the World Series. I wasn’t the Chicago Cubs at the World Series in 1907, so it is insignificant to me. I was hopping clouds at the time, I believe…most likely as a cat, since I am quite sure I was a cat in my previous lives…all nine of them, and now I’m human and trying to figure out what it’s all about and wishing I were a cat again, but I’m sure I will be a dog next time because I’m not a dog this time and you must be a dog at least once in your lifetimes…or a goat. But I’m saving that for when I’m more enlightened.


  2. I am way late to the game as always but why change now! The 1907 is more than likely the original number though the door is definitively not original:Too freaking bland, brass door knob that’s not and it opens outward. The window has many layers of mill work surrounding the window frame and it opens inward as should the door.
    This is an old wall, well built and done so before for natural gas was around. Love the “Let’s just punch a hole through the wall right here” job. Definitely back when codes were more loose, well heck there was probably no building codes for that then!
    And what the hell is that coming out the window? A sump pump drain? As far as the number on the door… I as always got nuthin’! Great photo man!


    • lol, I have no idea what the hell is coming out the window, or why. I think the 1907 may well be the year although it isn’t built part of the building as it should be. But the truth is I don’t really know but it did get you to give such a great comment which is well received. You, Mr. jagged, are the man! (and thank you)


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