Three Haiku Wednesday-Mushroom

© 2012 Michael Fiveson


found in my backyard

phallic offering from god

I have no interest


next to weeds it grew

like a circumcised missile

sent to destroy earth


hallucinate not

the sixties are here no more

free love gone as well

52 thoughts on “Three Haiku Wednesday-Mushroom

      • Crimini mushrooms and Portabellas are my faves…lightly sauteed in unsalted butter–YUM!!!

        My grandpa knew mushrooms, and would bring them home to us, so they were always in abundance when I was young.

        Have you ever had a ‘puffball’? They, too, are superb!! Aaargh, now I’m really hungry!


      • I confess to loving mushrooms but never really being exposed past the ones my lovely wife buys me at the grocery store. I once had an asphalt driveway and a big nasty mushroom actually broke right thru it. How is that possible?


      • Ah, the power of the ‘shroom…and weeds, and grass, etc. Actually, asphalt is considered a ‘permeable’ surface; it looks very solid, but under the microscope, it’s not. Lots and lots of little air pockets, channels for all these natural things to push right through.


  1. Couldn’t help but chuckle. I recently read a blog where the blogger discovered a nipple mushroom from God in her front yard. Your mushroom and hers would have a rip-roaring time together, I’m sure. I am such a mushroom newb. I wouldn’t know a nipple mushroom from a phallic mushroom from a ‘shroom. However, that doesn’t stop me from being a peeping Thomasina and taking photos of any that I find interesting. Lovely mushroom and randy haiku. Love it. Btw, read the middle line of each stanza. Makes another great addition to your haiku.


    • Nipple mushroom? I have a bit more interest in that for sure. I did read the middle lines together and that is funny! And the word randy…..always has been a favorite of mine. As in ‘he was as randy as a high school boy at his first dance.’ I’m still dancing Dezra.


    • I always wonder if I could eat these things I find. I never will, without someone in the know telling me I can. I don’t want to hallucinate either. The world is plenty scary enough without that.


  2. As a habit I do not read the comments of others as I find them to be sort of a private, though they are publicly displayed, conversation between ye and thee. But I am somewhat dismayed that no one would touch, metaphorically speaking, the line: “like a circumcised missile”.
    Nice Haiku and awesome picture. You can do pretty and fungus as well barns as such. I like it!


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