Fine Shed

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

The back of this storage shed has an array of aged wood and fine colors.


41 thoughts on “Fine Shed

    • You are right. It was located on the back of some property that also had some log cabins. I wonder if it wasn’t part of a homestead and may have served as a workroom that was heated in some way?


      • I think they had a wood stove judging from the metal chimney. It’s more sophisticated than the old sheds that had the stove pipe just sticking out through a wall. Maybe somebody lived in it or it was used for cooking. Since it has normal windows taking up a lot of wall space, I’m thinking maybe living quarters or cook house.


  1. I love trees… and then I love everything that made of wood…. furniture and houses… How beautiful this lovely little house… The colours with nature fascinating me… Thank you dear Mike, love, nia


  2. Mike, it reminded me of the house my wife’s grandparent’s lived in when I first met them. She told me it was an upgrade on the previous house. It had a couple of lean-to additions to make a bit larger, but the main portion of the house, kitchen and living area, were a similar size and it contained a wood stove.


    • Wow, I guess that would be ‘intimate’ which is not a bad thing, per se. Guess it depends on the couple. Thanks for the info my teacher friend. Have a good day Ivon.


  3. Hi, Mike, There’s nothing like old wood. My late husband made some wonderful frames for my paintings out of some old out-house wood. You couldn’t buy wood like that! This particular shed of yours reminds me of a workshop a friend has been building on the back of his house. Same basic construction.


    • I see faces too, but mine are usually hiding in the dark areas of a picture, like in windows. I am being serious here. The faces I see range from pretty normal to grotesque. I have come to believe that for whatever reason I am able to see spirits and at first it was unsettling, but now it is kind of fascinating. Oh, and thank you.


  4. Tonight all I got is “like”…. but what is up with the chimney? Well so much for all I got is….. 🙂
    Another great shot Bro!


  5. Stunning colors and half-sawn textures, Mike…and you really brought out all that detail! I could live there, as long as I had someone to haul and chop the wood for heat/cooking…but I would add windows that open/close (to get that rich, fine Colorado air)!


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