27 thoughts on “Broken Frame

  1. Another great photo, Mike. I love this old building and the broken frame. I know a fine art photographer in Santa Fe who takes frames out of old buildings like this and re-purposes them as frames for her art work. I love the beauty of old and weathered things.


    • That sounds like a lot of work to find old frames to re-purpose, but I imagine the results are fabulous. It is good to have you as a friend Laurie.


  2. This is one fascinating shot, Mike! I am so intrigued by that view of the fields through the broken frame…it really draws my eye to that ‘little half-round piece’ (some part of a wheel, or just a door latch?). This place was really well-built and not that old, so the CO sun/weather must be very devastating.

    BTW, do you have some sort of internal GPS that’s set to ‘old, decrepit buildings’?

    Signed: chi-town jokey clown


    • Yo, Chi. Yes I have internal farm building GPS that is given to every boy graduating from the NY public school system, although no one know why.
      That little round piece is a…..I have no idea. Ghost? Didn’t see it during the shoot. Yes, the altitude here makes the sun hard on people and paint. Good morning jokey.


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