Three Haiku Wednesday-Pumpkin

© 2012 Michael Fiveson


my sleepy girl rests

her heartbeats are inside me

deep rooted and pure


she loves to lick me

goobered and slobbered with love

sweet kisses I know


her passing will hurt

more of me will die that day

still blessed by our time

70 thoughts on “Three Haiku Wednesday-Pumpkin

  1. That was very sweet. I can’t think of the day any of my sweet kitties passes to pet heaven. I will be heart broken and a part of me will go with them for sure.


  2. We see them sleeping like this for years, but we watch them sleeping like this when they are growing old. She looks so beautiful and content in her life, Mike. I’m not a sentimentalist, but she brings a bit of water to my old eyes. I feel the haiku too.


  3. his head on my knee
    how quickly the joy
    returns again!

    I pray the joy shall never leave your heart… love/joy always has a moment of hurt… but the joy for this moment is worth it.


  4. Your blog has become one of my most favorite places to visit…..your Three Haiku – Pumpkin …make for one….. really beautifully expressed sentiment…that each and every person who is owned by a pet… can well relate!!


  5. Your Pumpkin is sweet, two dogs are sleeping in front of me right now, they’re half way thru life and will leave a big gap one day, but the good they bring now is huge. Time is limited, but life is unmeasurable. Thanks for your words and photos 🙂


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