Log Cabin Garage

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

I wouldn’t expect to find a garage in a log cabin but in Saratoga, Wyoming, this is what I found.  I think there is a nice range of texture and color here and even the plywood covering the the window frames works in harmony with the other tones.

19 thoughts on “Log Cabin Garage

  1. The colors of ageing wood are so superb, Mike! Funny, even the RV fits the color scheme.

    Back when I was still painting scenery, ‘ageing down’ new wood was one of my specialties…had I run across an image like this, it would have gone right into my files!


  2. Roaming up north, I see. When you get to Cody, Wyoming, let me know. My family is from that area (actually Lovell, WY).

    So ordered, so boxed, so foundational, so beautiful. I’d be proud to own such a garage.


    • I have been thru Cody a few times on my way to Yellowstone. I like Cody. I like you. Now I know why. All this time I was thinking it was your sense of humor, creative skills, and zest for life.
      Concerning the garage, you could own it. That is a poor town, and I expect everything is for sale.


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