37 thoughts on “Barn and Chute

  1. Great image. My first reaction to looking at it was it could have been taken here in Australia out in the boonies, and I think you showed good commonsense to not go poking around someone’s barn – it doesn’t look THAT deserted.


  2. Mike, you are chronicling something significant here. Do you record where you find these vanishing treasures. You really should. I think you are creating a record here not unlike the old farm administration photographers did. Don’t you think?


    • Well I don’t think there are too many lunatics who find beauty where I do and while I couldn’t give the address of what I find, I know where they are. I think my real impact historically will be that……wait……oh yeah, I will have no impact. Perhaps my son will have a nice collection of photos his father took. Nice hearing from you George.


    • I do love you. That much I know. But I’m not actually on my motorcycle when I photograph. I park it, and walk to my subject. Sometimes I am on my scooter when I shoot as that vehicle is light enough to drive off road and next to my subjects.
      Somebody……Judy, could shoot me on my motorcycle holding a camera with a barn in the distance. That could happen.


  3. I think you should do just that. One day, this project will “amount to something” as my granny used to say! 😉 I bought a “coffee table book” called “Jericho” in 1974. It is a collection of the paintings of Hubert Shuptrine and the poetry of James Dickey. It chronicles their journey through the South. The paintings remind me of your photographs. Look for images from the book sometime. The old buildings and barns are paintings like your photographs. I can easily imagine a large book filled with your old images on wonderful rag paper! Can’t you?


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