62 thoughts on “Mysterious Shed

  1. Have never seen a quonset hut constructed of wood, with siding…most unusual, but I guess any heavy snow would fall right off?

    Loving this shot, Mike…the high rez shows every peeling detail. Interesting that the glass is in good shape; maybe the hut/shed is still in use (in spite of the missing lock)…what say you, yonder boy?

    Signed: nameless one


    • That is a clever observation about snow that would slide off. But I don’t think these places get any more snow than you do in Chicago, so I don’t know. I do know it is so crazy hot and dry here and the mountains are on fire and its very early in the fire season.
      The hut may well still be in use, nameless one.


      • I spoke with a friend yesterday who is original a Coloradan. Her boyfriend was up at Green Mountain Falls for some sort of ‘quintathalon’, which got cancelled due to the fires. Haven’t found too many stories on the net, but she was told the Green Mountain and Garden of the Gods fires were arson.


  2. Always, it’s glass being shown in the window, because it gleams, or a plant, or something precious. One of these days I would love to see a window with, oh, I don’t know, cleaning supplies in a plastic bin. That’s precious, right? 🙂

    I do love the round shed. It’s quite unique and has that wonderful weathered look.


  3. A Nissen Hut? Who knew? It’s way cool…and I’m craving a close-up of the bottles in the window! I collect old bottles and fill them with sea glass (which I also collect) and put them in my windows….


  4. OMG Mike you should have gone there in the night..lot happens and you wont even recognise the place,,..
    Just loved it..those bottles are strategically placed to entice curious minds he he ha ha hu hu

    you know what, I now know that you get “callings” from all these ancient looking mysterious places
    man if only i could capture life like you do…beautiful shot


  5. you didn’t open the door and step in?
    could have been a doorway to another time!
    I love the quazihut shed, I have never seen one
    you need to follow up….and post …LOLs
    Great post….leaves us curious for more….
    Take Care…
    ( hope you and your family are safe from the fires
    I was stationed at FtCarson…my kids were born there and never
    forgiven me for moving back to Texas and not staying…me too…
    it is heartbreaking to see all
    the destruction….)
    Stay Safe…!


    • Hello, and thank you. We are safe from any fire danger, except for breathing the smoke, which is an irritant. We are 30 miles east of the foot hills and in relative safety.
      If I thought that hut would transport me in time, I would have broken in, trust me on that. If I ever get back up to Saratoga, Wyoming again I will follow up. Nice to have your cool comment. Stay well.


      • you are very welcome…
        it is a very intriquing photo…
        I like ones that make me wonder ..
        Glad y’all are safe…stay that way!


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