Log Home

© 2012 Michael Fiveson

A log home sits in the Wyoming sun stuffed to the rafters with old junk. Once a proud home to settlers, it now has been reduced to a rubbish heap. Still, the beautiful shell remains, and hints at a time long ago.


31 thoughts on “Log Home

  1. Great shot, Mike, so glad you are able to share it! The detail here is fantastic–nice going, yonder boy!!

    The ‘sun porch’ addition is intriguing, as is the address number and the indistinguishable signage above it. Must have been quite a comfortable place to live back in the day.


    • On that list there is one Elbert Cooper who apparently died in Evanston, Wyoming, which is on the western edge of the state. His life span is about right so maybe it was him. You are EllaDee, chief detective. Well done!!


  2. I imagine all of the hardwork that went into the fence around it and the roof above it. And there it stands slowly losing both pickets and shingles. Wearing out on its own. Such a great picture, well composed. Great treasure with lots of lost history.


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