33 thoughts on “Old Home

      • You are so nice. Thank you dear Mike. But first of all I decorate the house and a little lovely garden around the house… And I would like to cook in the new house and probably I would prefer to have dinner in the garden under the moon sky. It would be so nice… Once I had a dinner in the mountain village (of Mt.Ida) in the garden, under the moon and stars skies… We were crowded but it was the most beautiful dinner and there was a young musicians, my son and a girl… He played his guitar, she player her violin and also she sang too… I can never forget… Thank you dear Mike, you almost took me to the memories… Have a nice day, love, nia


  1. Beautiful image, Mike! I love the ‘crispness’ of your shots, yonder boy.

    Just send this photo to Norm Abrams, and he and the crew will manage to scrape up a million $$$ or so, and really do it proud, don’t you think?


    • I think for 1 million anything is possible including a restoration, expansion, and maybe even a bowling alley.
      BTW, I am quite good with ‘yonder boy’ 🙂


    • That is a pleasant thought Matt, but then you are a pleasant guy. I would like imagine a happy home with a hardworking farmer dad and a doting and loving mother. It does happen, or so I have heard.


  2. Oh, please don’t shoot me, you with the guns there out west, but when I first saw this I saw Rosey the robot from the Jetsons. She must be Rosey’s great-great-great-great grandmother. Love it!


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