3 Haiku Wednesday-Desolation Street

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


You won’t hear children

not on desolation street

no place to play now


the old timers know

but are too tired to care

that their town has died


Just the bar still stands

weary souls and alcohol

how did this happen….

45 thoughts on “3 Haiku Wednesday-Desolation Street

  1. Hey Mike is this the same Thrift store street ?
    “oh some day in past there was a song sung with footsteps it must have been dream for i see nothing now”
    what a lovely trio of Haikus..sad but beautiful 🙂


  2. reminds me of a song ——-

    Oh it’s opening time
    Down on “desolation” street
    So let’s cut the conversation
    And get out for a bit
    Because I feel it all fading and paling
    And I’m begging
    To drag you down with me
    To kick the last nail in
    Yeah, I like you in that
    Like I like you to scream
    But if you open your mouth
    Then I can’t be responsible
    For quite what goes in
    Or to care what comes out
    So just pull on your hair
    Just pull on your pout
    And let’s move to the beat
    Like we know that it’s over
    If you slip going under
    Slip over my shoulder
    So just pull on your face
    Just pull on your feet
    And let’s hit opening time
    Down on “desolation” street


  3. I am l now interested in Haiku’s thanks to yours. Love the marriage of a visual aid (photo) and words to paint a complete but at the same time open ended conversation…..
    Nicely done as always.


    • Thanks Sylver. I find haiku freeing in as much as the limitations force a concise and simple sentiment, whereas free flowing poetry can easily become rambling and confusing.


      • Good point. But still difficult, and you do it well. I love when you add your poems & stories to the mix because they’re always show-stoppers in how well they’re written & how deeply they move the heart. More!


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