35 thoughts on “Keep Out

  1. Beautiful…
    and what if it is a trap..you know you think hey this place is unguarded and you enter and once you have crossed the line, fence mends itself and you will never find your way out…


    • There were bones and bodies scattered about that property and 3 guys with shotguns sitting on their porch chewing tobacco. One of them said to the other..’Cletis, that someone trying to break thru our fence?’ At that point I high tailed it out of there, finding the nearest saloon.


  2. Nicely done in B/W, Mike. I rather like the building…is it some sort of small barn?

    Perhaps, mind you, just perhaps Cletis was sittin’ there chawin’ and drinkin’ and strummin’ “Don’t Fence Me In” in 1953 when he had a brain snap and broke down some of that old fence?

    Could have happened, couldn’t it?


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