WTF Award


The WTF award has been generously given to me by Bob at Bobbing for Meaning.

The rules state that I must reveal 5 things about myself I would prefer nobody know, as well as nominate 5 fellow bloggers.

Well, this is embarrassing but here goes:

1) Some consider me to be insane or at least to have a serious personality disorder.

2) When I was a child I helped launch little farty toads into space.

3) I had sex when I was 15. She had red hair.

4) I made my last (and I mean LAST) supervisor cry. She fired me.

5) I don’t want to live forever.

Whew! Do I have any friends left?

My blogging nominees are:

1) John at Just another Trick

2) Dick at Thinking with Both Heads

3) Lila at Please Bitch Slap Me

4) Mona at Just Yo Ho

And lastly a special shout out to:

5) Clithia at My Own Pretty Name

71 thoughts on “WTF Award

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  2. I love the photo that goes along with the award. WTF, indeed? Who was the idiot who thought harnessing two women to pull a cart would be an efficient mode of travel? They would never be able to agree on which way to turn! Thanks for the laugh. I think you should really pass it along to a few blogging friends and start a new blog award. Like there aren’t enough already!


    • Nice Paul! Funny and I am afraid true. Women and directions. You nailed it man.
      No, there are enough awards floating around. I just had to have my twisted say. Thanks Paul. Appreciate you.


  3. ABSOLUTELY Hilarious!!! I always thought… that you and I might be kindred spirits…Your #1 on the list along with your #2…have me now convinced…indeed, you are my brother from another errr…family? Launching “farty toads” into outer space….was a summer activity my brother and I thought… we had invented….(much to our parents…shock and horror…that they could have possibly raised such barbaric little offspring)…


    • I think the reality is that I knew before I wrote the WTFpost that some would get it, and many more would be horrified. And I don’t really give a shit. Obviously it was an attempt at sarcasm and a swipe at all the bullshit, self serving, sophomoric awards floating around. I have won at least 50. Doesn’t mean shit. by the way, everything I wrote, except for the made up blogs, is real.
      I would be your brother, but only in a VERY dysfunctional family, if you get my drift.
      And lovely comment…..thanks!


  4. 1: Thanks for visiting QH
    2: Why did this post remind me of the old Petulia Clark song “Don’t Sleep In The Subway Darling”?
    3: It should be a real award…To quote Tracy Nelson “Temptation took control of me and I fell”


    • I remember that song but had a look at the lyrics to get a sense of what you might actually be saying. Since I still don’t know, I can’t really reply.
      But I appreciate the comment, I think.


    • Well thanks for that! WTF indeed. All those self serving nonsensical awards. I thought I would create that post and see how many people were appalled. And you know what? I don’t even give a shit, because it was written for people like you. Smooch.


    • And this response is really all I need to know about you Ela. When I posted it people ran as far from me as they could get and I didn’t really give a shit. But I do care that you liked it so much. Thanks!


      • Well Mike, whoever ran away because of this brilliant post was an idiot, so you did not lose a thing. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
        In fact I think it’s even worth to see who is really a friend and who not. I’ve done it once in my life and I was a bit surprized by the results. But the few that remained are pure gold! πŸ˜‰
        Nothing to thank for dear Mike. πŸ˜€


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