18 thoughts on “Door and Windows

  1. I loved the way bricks can be seen,One of my friends had the front wall left just like that only a thin red paint on it so that the bricks would show and what a beauty it is..
    this picture reminded me of that wall…beautiful shot


  2. Fine shot, Mike, and the many textures are pleasing to see. I wonder just why there seem to be so many ‘uncared for’ buildings in your area of CO…and also appreciate the many differences in architecture there, as opposed to Chicago, which has so many look-alike building now, it’s pitiful.


    • This shot was from a small agricultural town 70 miles from my home. I think that older places just have a percentage of weather beaten structures that have not been maintained as a matter of economics. These hard times are reflected in many of my photos.
      Thank you.


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