3 Haiku Wednesday-Last Stop

© 2012  Michael Fiveson


long since abandoned

forgotten on a lone track

now a rusting shell


birds fly in and out

where children once laughed and slept

fools take pictures now


some still hear it roar

late at night when others sleep

a ghost train haunted


49 thoughts on “3 Haiku Wednesday-Last Stop

  1. many lives i’ve heard about lately are like that – and the verses quite as desolate as the birds’ shrieks echoing in that nothingness. very solid post


  2. Mike you made me very happy today..this is the kind of haiku i can totally relate to..oh so believe you ,there may be people hearing all the roars of the rusting shell
    in my childhood days i would day dreams for hours on sitting a tree,or under the dining table or an abandoned large vehicle..and fight all kinds of creatures to save the world..
    loved the shot…beautiful haiku 🙂


  3. This is so pleasing to me! I grew up near the Burlington Northern route running a coal line out of Gillette Wyoming through our little town headed east. I LOVE trains! Great photo!


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