45 thoughts on “Storage

    • I rummaged around the area because there were many images to be had, but that particular place, no, as it was on someone’s property. And thank you very much Tim.


  1. At first I thought, “Wow, takes me back to when I lived in Chile.” I knew families who lived in places like this. One family actually wallpapered their walls with shiny, golden margarine wrappers. Very humble people and very wonderful, also. It’s odd to juxtapose my initial reaction of a viable living space with your comment of storage space (and tongue-in-cheek at that). It really made me pause and consider how blessed we are. I love this photo.


    • We are very blessed but so too are the families who struggle with meager surroundings but have an enduring love of life and each other that sees them through their hardship.
      Thanks Dezra.


  2. Hi Mike….. do people really have the right to shoot back as you shoot their property? If so a photographers essential kit should include a bullet proof vest…… or maybe you’re a quick mover!
    Regards, John.


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