For our WWll veterans:


called to service

from our great cities

and tiny towns

farmers, carpenters, fathers, and fishermen

at a time, when the risk of dying

held great purpose

and was so clearly defined

off to save the world

and our way of life

these men, boys mostly

walked for months

crawled through unspeakable horror

died in a million awful ways

leaving behind





to march off

and save the world

so few left

they are all very old now

these heroes

they will tell you

they did nothing special

as they saved the world

many returned




yet prideful


and loved

if you meet one

thank him

tell him you know

what he did

and who he is

tell him

he saved the world


© 2012  Michael Fiveson



27 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. I have the utmost respect for every one of our troops that ever fought for our Nation, but I think lately, even our own troops realize they are not fighting for America’s freedom anymore. We are fighting bankers wars, and it is a crying shame that our youth are dying or becoming handicap for wars that aren’t even legal under our own Constitution. I pray that this Memorial Day, the people will wake up, and demand our children be brought home worldwide, so that next Memorial Day, we will have less brave soldiers to mourn, and less wounded to be damned to go through life maimed, blinded, or suffering PDS. My heart and my love go out to our fine troops. We need to get them out of harms way.


  2. Moving thoughts & poem. Lest we forget. Memorial Day is akin to ANZAC & Armistace Day in other countries but whatever the name, wherever we should on these days if not every day when we see the Armed Forces on the news, remember & be grateful – beyond this we cannot ever look back & judge as we are in another time and world thanks to those who these days honour. I read All Gone, and remember they were fighting, not for a war, not for a nation, power or money… for people who couldn’t fight for themselves.


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