22 thoughts on “Old Field House

  1. A fixer upper…I could work on that place. A few pots of geraniums by the door, a couple of garden chairs and a table out back under the trees, but better pass on a grill…might burn the whole place down.


  2. It’s the picture of Dorian Gray house. I’m sure if you look long enough, you’ll find the pristine Dorian Gray house looking as fresh as ever with a picket fence and pretty flowers in a nicely tended flower bed. Naaah! The picture of Dorian Gray house is much more interesting.


  3. Love this shot. Don’t agree it would suit Dorian Gray though; sorry. I figure his house to be a ginormous mansion in full on Gothic decor, etc. cool shot. Where ever do you find all of these barns and funky old houses?


    • I live in Northern Colorado and it turns out they are everywhere along country roads. This particular one was 4 miles from my home, which is not a rotting shell.
      Thank you very much.


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