3 Haiku Wednesday-Bobs

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

when Bob closed his store

people still returned items

threw them through windows

just to stay alive

Bob ran to the rear exit

when the mob broke in

Bob is unemployed

his once proud store in tatters

now he just mumbles

34 thoughts on “3 Haiku Wednesday-Bobs

    • These are hard times. Poor Bob became a statistic, and the angry flesh eating mob is heading north west, towards Seattle. If you have friends there, warn them.


    • Yes, poor Bob made his first mistake when he forgot the apostrophe and customers seeking info on what the hell a bob might be became irate and eventually destroyed his place. If only he advertised ‘no bobs available’, he might have survived.


  1. I think Bob finally put the apostrophe in, and franchised. When I googled, there are quite a few Bob’s Markets and Bob appears to have expanded into liquor, garden supplies…


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