Green Field

On my way to find my next barn or rotting structure I found this as well…..

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

The simple elegance of an open field in Spring. Birds chirping, a soft breeze, and a moment that stretches time just a bit. Life is good.


45 thoughts on “Green Field

  1. Hi Mike,
    A wonderful picture: serene and pleasing to look at. And I agree: life is good, especially when we have such a pleasant spring here in southern Texas as we have this year [].
    Have a great Sunday,


  2. There is a small town near me named Greenfield. It isn’t really much — or at least I’ve never noticed anything remarkable as I’ve passed through there. Landscape isn’t usually lost on me, but I think this town has been. But looking at your post I thought how I’ve probably never have really SEEN it and wondered about what beauty in the green fields the original settlers must have witnessed.

    Another great photo. Thanks, Mike!


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