31 thoughts on “Sturdy Barn

  1. That is one great barn, Mike…replete with three lightning rods! The door appears to be steel (Home Depot?), and they’ve done a nice job in replacing some rotted wood. Thanks for the fine shot…you really get around, huh?


  2. Definitely need to do something with that door but it’s not what I noticed first… the diamond window at the top – nice touch but was it meant to be a diamond shaped window or is it a rectangular 6 paned window (similar to the other 4 paned windows) placed on the diagonal? It looks skewed to me. Maybe it’s always been a show off with it’s fancy diamond window?


    • Very good eye. It looks to be a regular rectangular 6 paned window that was put in to be diamond shaped. Yes, that barn does have a touch of the dramatic about it. Oh Barney, you are such a show off!


  3. I think it has a right to show off what with it’s fancy new door and all! You always find the most interesting buildings! Although that door does seem a little bit out of place maybe?! Have a great weekend buddy!


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