Sturdy Barn

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

A strong and beautiful barn sits proudly with a new front door. I can almost feel this barn showing off just a little and taunting other barns close by.


31 thoughts on “Sturdy Barn

  1. That is one great barn, Mike…replete with three lightning rods! The door appears to be steel (Home Depot?), and they’ve done a nice job in replacing some rotted wood. Thanks for the fine shot…you really get around, huh?


  2. Definitely need to do something with that door but it’s not what I noticed first… the diamond window at the top – nice touch but was it meant to be a diamond shaped window or is it a rectangular 6 paned window (similar to the other 4 paned windows) placed on the diagonal? It looks skewed to me. Maybe it’s always been a show off with it’s fancy diamond window?


    • Very good eye. It looks to be a regular rectangular 6 paned window that was put in to be diamond shaped. Yes, that barn does have a touch of the dramatic about it. Oh Barney, you are such a show off!


  3. I think it has a right to show off what with it’s fancy new door and all! You always find the most interesting buildings! Although that door does seem a little bit out of place maybe?! Have a great weekend buddy!


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