Purina Chows

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

Along the rail road tracks I found an old grain elevator with faded lettering. The afternoon light produced a pastel blue that I thought was pleasing.


30 thoughts on “Purina Chows

  1. Strong image, Mike. Excellent composition, and interesting range of rectangles of different sizes together with linear divisions of different weights. The whole is integrated by the limited colour range, and the weathered sign raises it to another level. A good ‘un.
    Regards, John.


  2. the old buildings/structures,the ones with maximum weathering are always so appealing..may be cos they have more stories than the new ones..
    those cracks,the withered sign board all make it even more beautiful


  3. Now that little sucker is one window to die for! I am a window ho, for sure. I find myself searching for windows and looking at them more often than anything else about a building. I wouldn’t dare to consult Freud on that one…


  4. Very nice, Mike…reminds me of a roadtrip I took with my little one to the lava stone quarry in Flagstaff…I kept smelling dog food on the winding roads leading out of town…as we passed a bit of railroad and huge grain buildings…with “Purina” painted on the side. 🙂


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