3 Haiku Wednesday-Golden Harvest

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

the harvest dried up

just look at the welfare line

vacant eyed children

a bogus idea

trickle down economics

the rich get richer

the golden harvest

closed their doors for lack of funds

fat cats didn’t care


61 thoughts on “3 Haiku Wednesday-Golden Harvest

  1. Ah, trickle-down economics, the idea that the people who rely on the scraps that fall from the table can be better served by feeding more to those sitting at the table. *sigh* Thanks for your thoughtful post, Mike.


  2. through Haiku Mike speaks
    truth flows, injustices named
    golden harvest hope

    thanks for your haikus and your passion/ frustration…stirs mine too…not a bad thing!


  3. Haiku is one of my all time favorite forms of poetry…and one of the most challenging…….Even more challenging, to express such poignant views of political/economic injustice …Very well done! I also share the sentiment and LOVE the black and whites!! Thank you, for sharing!


    • Thanks Kirsten. For whatever reason Haiku has always felt very natural for me, like a good fit. I like that it keeps me short, as I am by nature not long winded (except for this comment, of course)


  4. That photo is so beautiful and the three haikus are the star 🙂
    I just loved the first one ..the way you have woven the vacant eyes of the future and the dying harvest..absolutely marvelous all thre of them 🙂


  5. Normally I don’t think much of Haikus — often they come across as what the public expects poetry to be. For me, it’s a poem strict in form and content with too much simply said and too little shown. This one, however, went a very long way for me — great word choices conveying powerful images, leaving just the right impression for the socio-political-economic overtone. Well done, I shall be back for more!


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