Green House

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

On my way to not much, while driving through the middle of nowhere, I came to a stop light and on my left this remarkable sight loomed. Whatever it may have been, it now stands as deco art. Photo treats, in the middle of nowhere.

46 thoughts on “Green House

  1. I never realized how much I love finding old, decaying structures. Maybe there’s a correlation between my aging, and my fascination with aging buildings. Some of these old building still look good on the outside, no matter what’s going on inside. Sort of like me!


  2. I love the old buildings you photograph. I hope the trend of “upcycling” extends further to old buildings, keeping their integrity but giving them new life.


  3. Our small town “The City of Duncan” has loads of these facades in its downtown. Coming here from Europe so long ago I thought I had found the Wild West….. Great find Great photo.


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