© 2012  Michael Fiveson

Textured things, and things that have aged. In their new form they have taken on a beauty that did not exist previously. They are compelling.


54 thoughts on “514

  1. Wonderful! Textured as an older people age description! (re Angelina’s comment) Love it!

    These are the hinges doors, yes? Still think it needs to be a bakery. The small door is the employee and “oh damn it’s raining” door.


    • I only see graffiti Marielba. However, seeing flip flops is clearly an indication that you need some beach time, which is easy enough for you to manage.
      Thank you, by the way.


  2. I like this picture. Are you familiar with the Japanese term “wabi-sabi”? If I understand it correctly, it’s a design aesthetic that values the beauty of impermanence, as shown in part by things that are weathered, worn, visibly repaired, etc. I don’t know much about it, but I think of it sometimes when I consider what makes some of your photos beautiful.


  3. What a beautiful shot..textured things when they get weathered and aged, look like they have embraced scars or tattoos of the world around..and it makes them look so beautiful..
    Loved it 🙂


  4. I love this! I like how on the panel of doors, the middle door appears much more tattered. If this were taken from the inside, I would say someone was trying to claw their way out! Surely some of you Door Whores could write a good creepy story to this one. 😀

    If your weekend didn’t kick off the way you had originally planned, I’m so sorry! But I hope you have a lovely weekend, regardless, my dear friend!


    • Hi Tina, my weekend kicked off as planned and I write this from my rig, well East of my home.
      Yes, the picture has a creepy feel to it and I guess that makes it appealing.
      Thank you for this comment, and good morning.


      • My pleasure. That is wonderful, Mike! I’m so happy to hear it! Have a most fabulous adventure! 🙂


      • We are in a tiny rural town where we have ridden scooters to all the corners. Grabbed a bucket load of images and some of them kick butt. About to grill. Thanks Tina.


      • Now that sounds absolutely AWESOME! Scooters! I can’t wait to see those photos! Enjoying the grilling! I’m getting ready to do that here too. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your journey, Mike. 🙂


  5. Texture and age go so well together; they equal character, something you don’t find often with new things. I love this photo and being in black and white adds to its charm.


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