B&W Doors

Found in my home town…..

© 2012 Michael Fiveson


67 thoughts on “B&W Doors

  1. Door Whores – that just cracked me right up! 😀 Another great B&W photo, Mike! Hope you’re having a great day! 🙂


      • I’m so happy it’s a lovely day in your corner of the world! Optimistic and calm is awesome! 🙂 I’ll share in that optimism and calmness with you and maybe the good vibes will get to the mechanic. lol

        Good to be alive indeed, Mike. 🙂

        lol – I love it!


  2. I don’t know what you do or if it’s just my expectations on visiting your blog, but all your photos seem to have a friendliness about them, even the black and white ones, which could be a bit sinister. Maybe it’s the Colorado sun. Lovely shot anyway.


    • What a nice comment. Friendly photos. Perhaps I am a nicer guy than I knew. Perhaps this lovely community of bloggers has shown me a light that has been a bit dimmer than need be. I find myself excited to be part of this process and it makes me all the more creative.
      Thank you.


      • I think this blogging malarky does bring out the best in people, I find it a very positive and uplifting experience, full of encouragement and joy. It does make you more creative too, because what you do is appreciated and that encourages you to do more. It’s very satisfying and I’m so pleased I’m getting to share it with you and all the other wonderful bloggers.


  3. Like you, I find doors fascinating. I took some photos of my own of a closed, run-down, motel on Rout 66 that I’ll post sometime in the near future Thanks for sharing Mike.


  4. My beautiful friend, dear Mike, first of all I want to Thank you, for your beautiful words on my emotional day. You are so nice and I feel myself so luck with you all.

    Your photographs always bring something to my mind from my memories… I noticed that when I thought of doors, there are so many door images in my memories/mind… But of course none of them was taken pictures… How I wished. Your door photographs, as your barn series, seems to be very precious. I loved this shot especially in B&W… But I wondered too what was the original colours too 🙂 Thank you, with my love, nia


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