My Pumpkin Love

Sweet Pumpkin sits with me on spring grass in the backyard…© 2012  Michael Fiveson

I love everything about her starting with her gentle playful spirit. She is sweet beyond words and look how pretty my girl is. What she has given me is patience, appreciation, and devotion.


98 thoughts on “My Pumpkin Love

  1. A lovely dog, and a wonderful appreciacion of her in your words! And I really agree with you about how wonderful companions dogs can be. They simply give happiness to your life, don’t they?
    Best regards,


  2. You can just see and feel her tender, sweet soul in this photo. And she looks at you with such love and devotion. Beautiful photo, and a gorgeous doggie. Both of you are quite lucky, for the way you express your love for her obviously comes from the heart, and that, she gives you in return. They really ask for so little, don’t they? But give SO much in return.


  3. Ah, she’s getting older now, Mike. Somebody said to me that we should come here with one dog who stays with us throughout life. That would be a fine thing indeed.


    • George when Pumpkin leaves it will be one of the hardest things I have ever endured. I tear up just thinking about it. She is only 7 1/2, but she is getting older for sure. I guess she will be part of me forever, but still hard to think about.


      • Yeah, I’ve lost too many. Pumpkin just has that people look. Those dogs are really hard to lose. But…we keep going back for more every time we lose one. I just can’t be without my dog. 🙂


  4. What a beautiful girl, Mike, and it’s nice that she smiles for the camera! Our Lucky Girl passed away last November, she was almost 11, and it was tough beyond words. It took time to grieve the loss of her and my Mom, but 2 months ago, we adopted a new dog, Copper, 19 month old light chocolate lab. He adds the joy that left when Lucky passed…so I know how you feel. They become important fixtures in our lives and give us so much~sorry for the rambling! 🙂


  5. Hard to remain “mistrusting” when you’ve a Pumpkin in your life. My Little Miss is a bit like that, though her sister, Maggie is a bit of a show pony, but together they remind me of all that’s good.


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