75 thoughts on “Farm and Mountains

  1. Wow, what a view to wake up to every morning. I saw an old red paint-peeling barn on holiday last week and thought of you. I didn’t take a photo as I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it justice but you would have made a cracking shot of it.


  2. Soul-stirring…I’d never want to leave…yes, I’ll plow the fields and shovel what the horses leave behind…just don’t make be go away…. Wow…thanks, Mike.


      • Well thank you for the invitation…and there are few things as refreshing on a crisp mountain morning as shoveling fresh/not-so-fresh horse droppings…gets the heart going and makes one glad to be alive!! 🙂


      • oops. Sorry. Guess it’s like seeing the big “Georgia on my Mind” sign as you enter the state from South Carolina. Stuck with it for the rest of the drive home!


      • It’s ok E. I actually like John Denver, but when I first came to Colorado after getting out of the Navy in 1972, “rocky mtn high” played every 10 seconds.


      • I hear you. Actually I hear the song too….it’s stuck in MY head now.


        John Denver was great, his songs were perfect for the times. And his voice was beautiful, I haven’t thought about him in ages.


  3. I wonder how these farmers get any work done. I’d be looking over at those mountains all day! What a treat to get to shoot this one. Beats the hell out of old doors. 😉


  4. What a great backdrop to wake up to everyday – a farmer’s life may be hard but these ones have at least something to look forward to that at least for me would help to offset the hard toil.


  5. I love Texas- but I think your photography of Colorado is beautiful. I havent been to the state for so long that I cannot recall the year. I have to go there again, Your pictures are inspirational. Thanks.


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