Flooded Door

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

The evidence of some sort of flood remains apparent on a simple shed door. What is interesting is the way the water traveled up the panels and left large impressions that look like a foot. Notice too the rusting hinges.


41 thoughts on “Flooded Door

  1. You trying to kill three birds with one stone, huh! Yes, this is a vey odd little building. I can’t believe the stains are from flooding. They don’t look like the marks flooding leaves behind, but they do wick up from the bottom. Hmmm. The PP here is really pretty. Whatcha use?


  2. Those prints on the door do look exactly like two huge greasy footprints. Are there any giants living in the area that do foot-graffiti from a prostrate position? Check the Yellow Pages!


  3. Interesting detail you captured on this door, dear Mike, but it is not detail now, you have a wonderful eye of camera… Flood seems that was up there… sounds very fearful…is there a river there or… Thank you dear Mike, with my love, nia


    • Like a 50’s doo wop song, blue dw. The country version would include a truck or a train carrying blue doors. and beer.
      I will wait eagerly for that post. I gotta get back on my bike and find some barns, horses, sheds, and implements.
      Have a good sleep, E.


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