© 2012  Michael Fiveson

An empty and long ago abandoned home sits on the Colorado open range remembering the families that lived and loved here. The sounds of laughing children and bacon frying have been replaced by the wind rushing through empty rooms. Still standing, it hugs the earth and waits for visitors.

61 thoughts on “Homestead

  1. I love your caption! Leaves me almost nothing to say. Except… I can see the little wife on the prairie standing in the doorway hand on her brow to shade her eyes while she watches for her husband to come riding in from the range.

    Beautiful pic, Mike


  2. It’s amazing how an old wrecked shell of a place can still have such potent associations for us, even if we’ve never come in contact with it before. Beautiful photo, like an old Walker Evans or something.


    • Ok, I just got familiar with Walker Evans. I think his work is fabulous. It is pure, and honest, and striking, and respectful. I will spend more time with him. Thanks Matt.


      • Oh, good, glad you like him, he’s one of my favorites. It was (obviously) some of his photos of weathered buildings that I was reminded of by your photo above, but all his work (farm workers, city scapes, subway riders, etc.) is amazing. A critic once said that he inspires us by making photography look so easy, and yet when we try to go out and take pictures like that, we realize how enormous his talent really was.


      • shooting is the easy part. its the seeing that distinguishes. And to be such with people that they will present as themselves. Of course some people can only do that.


  3. Nice, kinda reminds me of abandoned farm barns around here. I bet if you stand there long enough, you’ll hear that bacon frying and the children playing. Good shot. 🙂


  4. Every time time I see one of these old homestead buildings, I always wonder about it’s history. Who built it, in what conditions and why it was abandoned….


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