Glass Framed Door

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

An old yellow door in reasonable shape is framed by 60’s art deco glass blocks. The bottom of this beautiful door needs some repair and one of the glass blocks has been stuffed with a white rag, while others are cracked.


49 thoughts on “Glass Framed Door

  1. Nice door. I’d say there aren’t many of those glass panels left intact unless they are in private homes. I never saw one with broken blocks. The combination of the utilitarian door and what was stylin’ glass panels for use in garden baths is interesting here. I am thinking some construction company had the glass blocks left over from another project? Hmmm. This is an interesting post, Mike.


    • I am thinking that those glass panels are original to the project but really I am just guessing. There were several other places in this small town that also had them. I like those glass panels, but not broken.
      Always nice to hear from you George.


  2. I’ve seen a few weekend projects that turn out like this. Someone probably used what he had and created as he went along…..I knew a guy who would do crazy stuff like this, and was always so proud! I like it. Functional with a touch of flair with the glass blocks.

    Good one DW!


    • Thanks E. Yes, my projects have a tendency to turn out that way, although these days I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to do before I do it. Maybe I’m getting smarter.


  3. Interesting that the glass would be translucent and the window in the door is blocked or painted over. On top of the weird hinges and other things people have mentioned. The whole thing is lovely on first impression, but the more you look at it, the stranger it gets.


  4. Such a solid utilitarian door painted such a solid utilitarian colour. Serious locks & a security window. Incongrous against the (usually) nice glass blocks which are, as evidenced, somewhat less secure than the door constructor appears to have been aiming for. Like the other commenters, I’m fascinated by what the story could be but the door to that information is closed.


    • I am still unsure what to make out of this door and glass. I do like the glass, or would if it wasn’t trashed. Why the door is that color, is anyone’s guess. And the door does appear to have lived through some changes too. I appreciate the look and comment.


  5. One of your strangest doors yet Mike…which, of course, makes it one of your most interesting. I love the way your work causes people to think and respond, rare to find such interesting dialogue on a photo-blog…where most comments are limited to single words such as ‘stunning’, ‘awesome’, or ‘beautiful’. This shows the man is as engaging and intriguing as his work.
    I love the glass blocks, we’ve lots of great art-deco glasswork here in San Antonio. I’ve always been a fan. Nice angle on the shot as well Mike.


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