Images and Haiku

Allow me to present 4 images with accompanying Haiku. The first 3 images and all 4 of the haiku are mine. I have a very talented blogging friend who is a gifted writer, traveler, and a gourmet cook. The last image belongs to Michael aka The Blissful Adventurer. Check out his amazing blog.

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

a yellow crayon

fell from the enormous box

I colored a wall

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

a pure white garage

hiding in a country town

feels like a soft cloud

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

with a brush in hand

and ten gallons of fresh paint

ugly building pink

an electric street

hot blue neon set on fire

no souls there to see

73 thoughts on “Images and Haiku

  1. Mike you just nailed this! I am really excited by these pieces of beauty, wit, and your always exceptional humor. “Ugly Pink Building” That is just what the Hummer driving owner deserves 🙂
    Love it and thank you for the link my friend


  2. I got such a kick out of this post….the contrasts of the subject matter and the comments! Thank you for providing the perfect end to the weekend! Pepto Bismol at Glidden! So funny!

    p.s. the garage is so pretty and I love that you compared it to a cloud. Perfect!


    • Lovely comment my generous friend. Let’s see……I’m not much of a car guy. When other boys were getting into mechanics, I was playing ball and chasing girls.
      Thank you my sweet cyber friend.


  3. Nice nice nice! You have an eye for beauty…and apparently an ear, as well. *hugs*

    Thanks for giving me so many images to fill my mind. I’ve been using the doors in a psychological exercise I do often. Boxing up a problem/situation you can’t effect at this moment, but are still worrying about to unhealthful levels. The idea is to imagine yourself walking down the most perfect hall you can imagine (perfect as in your ideal hall, not sterile perfection) , past many many doors, until you find the door that is for you alone. Open the door, and step into the room beyond, your ideal room for peace and comfort and joy. Really -see- the images, as many details as possible. Then turn to a mysterious table that has just appeared in the room. (It’s an occasional table! *drumshot* ) with a beautifully decorated box on it, lid beside it. Imagine taking your situation or problem out of a pocket, and carefully and lovingly placing it in the box. Speak to it. Something along the lines of “I need you to stay here, for now. I promise I’ll come back for you when I can help you resolve.: Then carefully and completely put the lid on the box, and put the box into the locked, secure walk in safe in the corner of the room. Walk out of the room, down the hall, and come back to yourself.

    I love it, and I practice it a lot.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    KC & Co.


    • Well that’s pretty cool.I was a psyche major so this kind of exercise appeals to me. It also works as a way of confronting phobias, and it would be interesting to be hooked up to a bio feedback machine while you are doing that.
      Very cool comment.Thanks!


      • Huh…I had thought of the phobia thing, but I haven’t had much experience with bio feedback. Is that something you can only do at a doctors, or is there a play-along-at-home version? 😉


      • Good question. It is a device that monitors breathing and heartbeat so I don’t know why a home version blood pressure kit wouldn’t be of value. Ask a Dr. if you have a friend or an appointment coming up.


      • Cool…will do! I am all about the experimentation, especially into the mysteries of the mind. I especially wonder what it would do if someone had D.I.D….would the alters each have different results, or the same? Hmm…food for thought.

        I like you, btw. 😉 You have just the right combination of intellectual and emotional thought. I love people with open minds. Mine’s so open occasionally things fall out! :p

        KC & Co.


      • *laughs* We -all- do…well, except maybe Bob, but he’s an ass and hates everyone. *shrugs*

        In order:

        Mia: you like ghosts and you saw the ghost and we like ghosts too so i like you too even if you get scared of us and run away i will still like you i promise!

        Janey: Yeah, what she said. Ghosts and spirits are just like me…floating in the dark, dark void. Don’t care if you like us or not…but you’re pretty cool, for an old guy.

        Dutch: Shit yeah! You got it going on, man! I’d dig a chance to hang out with you and snag a brew or two! What’d’ya say?

        KS: Open minds are good…open hearts are better…you have both. Plus, you write awesome haiku. 😉

        KC: All of the above, with the added benefit of your noticing and relating with me. First person other than Dotty that has. 🙂


      • Wow, a lot going there. I love it. Yes, I am cool, for an old guy. I was even cool when I was a young guy. And I certainly will have a brew with Dutch. I do see ghosts, but only when they are present 🙂 Good stuff, all of you.


      • Thanks for asking! We try to keep a low profile, and let KC (me) do all the talking…but it’s awesome when the others can come out and play for a bit. Especially Mia. She gets bored easily, and a bored 6 yr. old can cause a -lot- of trouble…*laughs* I usually have a box of color pencils and a pattern color book handy, just in case. 🙂 I wonder more people don’t notice, with the poems being so different from each other…*shrugs* I guess most people just aren’t observant enough?

        KC & Co.


  4. another whoa. you combined haiku with photos of old buildings? you must think i copied you with my post today! haiku feels just the right length with a photo.
    from your friend mary, a sister separated at birth, or, simply a kindred soul.


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