South Platte River

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

This is a tiny slice of the South Platte River in Spring as it makes its way past this point in Northern Colorado. Eventually this river meets the North Platte River in Nebraska and flows all the way to Missouri providing water for cattle and crops along the way.

39 thoughts on “South Platte River

    • Good morning. It will get higher, as its real early in the season and the snow pack melting hasn’t really started yet, although there is less snow to melt this year.
      Thank you.


      • We had so little snow here in Chicago, yet the lake level is still normal.

        I just pray CO rivers have enough for all the animals that live there (like the great ‘door whores’!) Ha-ha!

        Have a good one, and you’ve got a beauty of a bike!


      • I think the animals here will manage. These are dry times and I expect it is cyclical in nature.
        Yeah, my bike gives me the illusion of youth. Not much of that left. Thank you… peace.


      • Wish I could bike…this past week has been difficult…the old back went out and is still tender. Even walking is not as easy when there is pain, but I did get to the lake early for sunrise, so I remain positive!

        BTW, I’m always around…just wishing you the best!


    • You have some great rivers in Ontario, which is very beautiful.
      Yes, I too am a big fan of watching the world go by. Like a fools parade.
      Thank you Catherine.


      • Most welcome. Ontario is a beautiful place and of all the places I’ve lived or will live, it is my favourite. (Scotland MAY end up trumping it but we’ll see when I visit)


  1. Hi Mike,
    I’m from the Evans Area Chamber of Commerce and we are having a new website built. Since Evans’ identity is tied to the Platte River within the city limits I thought we should include a picture of it in the header of our new website. I found the first picture above of the river on the internet and changed it to black and white. I wanted to know if we have your permission to use it. We could credit you for the picture and even put a link to your website in the footer of our if you’d like. Would appreciate your thoughts.
    Michele Jones


    • I was just in Evans which is where I shot today’s post.
      I appreciate you asking for permission and yes, you may use it and a link to my blog would be great. Credit should be given to Michael Fiveson who blogs at my blog address
      Would you also send me a link to the published piece? I live just up the road in Greeley. Contact me at
      Thank you.


      • How did the B&W come out? Since you are going to credit it to me, I have some sensitivity as to how it looks. Would you like me to convert it in a way that would really make it mine? May I see your conversion?


      • Actually, the website designer and I are having an email discussion right now on the advisability of using the black & white so may not do that. If we decide to go with it I will send you the whole header. I ran it by a graphic designer who thought it needed to be brighter. It’s a work in progress at this point. Will keep you updated.

        Michele Jones

        Executive Director

        Evans Area Chamber of Commerce



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