Stump and Building

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

Similar to a recent post but with different composition and closer to the building. I am a slave to images that present as aged, fading, rusting, or rotting.

As I moved around this property I spotted two horny friends in the distance and they both waited for me eagerly. It was fun to touch them.

67 thoughts on “Stump and Building

  1. I don’t usually take animals, but like you got caught in the curious allure of goats (I took some Pygmy goats that I posted in February). It’s great that your recording the more seasoned structures. This one has such character and you also received a bonus: wildlife, Sally


    • Thanks Sally. I actually love goats but they are hard to shoot. If I ask a child to look at me, he does. But a goat just does whatever he wants. It took some work to get that shot.


  2. The stump, frozen waving its roots for all eternity (or until someone decides it’s firewood) is really cool. But the old plow there trumps it all. That thing is awesome.

    Horny creatures waiting for you eagerly? Yeah, I can see that.


  3. I’m so glad to have discovered your blog and happy to pass along The Versatile Blogger award that was shared with me recently! I enjoy reading and viewing your work so much. I’m afraid I’m not too savvy about how to do these things, so I can’t provide a link here, but please stop by my blog and read the “Go ahead, make my day!” post, then trot off to discover all the joys of this award for yourself! Thanks for your wonderful blog! ~Emma


  4. *points at the previous comment* Let’s see….

    You’re silly, ride a motorcycle (Harley?), rough & tumble, brutish, take wonderful pictures & you’re funny.

    Little bit of a dream, aren’t you now? 😉


    • I like all that. Not a harley, but a big heavy cruiser. Will post a photo of it tomorrow.
      I am real silly and certainly that lends itself to funny.
      Thank you Catherine, I have a sense of some of your attributes as well:)


  5. Getting worried about you Mike. The other day you considered calling yourself a ‘Door whore’ and today it was almost ‘Horny Friends’! Is there’s a certain theme here??!


  6. Yes, silly indeed. 🙂

    This is a ‘Mike’ shot if I ever saw one….lots of your elements here. And quite impressive as well!
    Oh, your friends are pretty cute, by the way!


    • Alex, I actually think you have a sense of me. Perhaps I am an open book; silly, serious, capable, and alive (mostly.) Did I mention silly?
      Thanks my friend, enjoy your weekend.


      • A closed book may look impressive, but that’s not what books are meant for. 🙂

        Have a happy easter Mike! Oh! And save me one of those little pink marshmallowy bird looking things! 😀


  7. When I saw your post in my inbox I was excited to see another one of your houses and this one is just as wonderful as all of your others. I clicked “like” and scrolled past the other comments to the bottom of the page to leave my own comment. But something caught my eye and I actually read the comments that others have left. What a great conversation! You have some very interesting blog friends, which reveals more of your open and friendly personality.

    Now admit it: You lured those goats to pose for you with a huge Hershey’s bar.


  8. Great angle on the building, Mike. Could being “a slave to images that present as aged, fading, rusting, or rotting” be a need to find things that are older than you (we) are? 🙂 Compared to most of your buildings, we’re still teenagers!


    • LOL. Yes! I’m sure my age has something to do with the images I shoot. And it is reassuring to know that there are still things older than me. Good comment J.A.


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