43 thoughts on “Yellow House

  1. those colors are wonderful contrasts.. no doubt it would look amazing in BW or sepia also because of the character of the house.


  2. This is the definition of ‘picture perfect’. I love the porch…in Louisiana the porch is perhaps the most lived in ‘room’ of the house….with the possible exception of the kitchen. 😉

    Awesome blue sky, Mike!


  3. Beautiful photograph… I agree with you about this rich blue and amazing Colorado sky… You captured such a beautiful composition with this yellow house… What can I say more, I want to move this house 🙂 Thank you dear Mike, with my love, nia


    • It is so pretty, the picture falls short of showing how neat it is. I wanted to present something clean to make up for some of my rotting images 🙂
      Hope your daughter is doing well.


    • Ha! Will have to look for Christmas wreath………yes it sure is and it has lights on it. Can’t be hard to take it down…..curious. Good observation Matt. I took the photo last Friday.
      I have liked that home for a long time, it is lovely, and perfect.


  4. I like this one. Wherever you were standing, the angle, makes it feel like a message. And the colors are just beautiful. It’s funny, when I stare at it I fully expect someone to come out onto the porch…it’s very vivid & alive, like in HD. Really like this!


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