51 thoughts on “Red Door 4

  1. But the texture of the wood is amazing and the colours too… Standing so nicely, I wished to use this door in home decoration… it could be a table top too… Loved it. As always you captured a nice composition. Thank you dear Mike, have a nice day, with my love, nia


  2. Well-done, Mike. I do love the texture and peeling paint – what’s left of it anyway. The paint that remains on the hinges seems to accent what is still there on the door. Very nice.


  3. I like your doors and once again a nice show of different textures (the way hinges show against the wood, that sort of thing), but looking at all your old doors makes me cry for this aging neighborhood. It must be sagging out 🙂


    • Hi Joseph. Yes, the east side of this town is old and industrial and there are some buildings that have fallen into decay and disarray.
      Nice to hear from you, and thank you.


  4. I think one reason I love these old architectural elements that have survived time is because there are so many old buildings in the Richmond/Petersburg area that also hold a wealth of history. These old treasures are a reminder of a simpler time (to me, anyway). You can almost picture a horse and wagon standing, waiting to be loaded, beside those old doors.


    • I know just what you mean. Today you wouldn’t see a simple wooden door that requires layers of paint, over and over again. It is quaint and speaks of another time, when things were more basic and a handshake meant quite a bit.
      Thanks for the comment.


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    • Good question about why doors in general are attractive. Newer ones are sometimes ornate and there might be a psychological predisposed “like” button since they represent entering. But for my money give me red rotting doors anytime.
      Thank you.


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  8. GRRR! Mike, I just had a comment all ready to click ‘post’ then I wanted on more look at the….enlarged, of course…which caused me to lose my comment. This is not the first time I’ve done this while commenting to you….I’m always wanting to get one more look at the piece!

    Yes. the lighting is fantastic, yes that bottom-right out-of-place brick wall is interesting…..but the vertical lines on the door itself! WOW! (Grr…I almost clicked to enlarge again!) And the 3 is interesting enough on it’s own….even more so this being number 4!


    • Oh how well do I know Grrrr. We are old enemies, grrrr and I, but continue to have an intimate and ugly relationship. Oh, the red door, yes it is interesting for sure. the next two are also interesting and the last is hell door which is not a pretty thing, and will drive some to drink, including me 😉


      • You are such a tease! But now I know there’s more, so I’m happy and excited. Hell Door, huh…..

        And I’m sure you’ll excuse the typos in my previous comment…which were entirely ‘grrr’ induced!


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