Sad Tiger

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

Not far from my home is an animal refuge that takes in lions, tigers, and bears. This magnificent animal was cooling off in some water where he sadly paced back and forth. He was once purchased as a pet by an imbecile, who should be confined to his own space, say a 10×10 cell.

73 thoughts on “Sad Tiger

  1. Like caging a bird…something that shouldn’t be.

    But I do love the photo…the lines on the tiger’s back and the sparkling water, all within the ring of the pool. Very nice.


  2. That is sad, some people just don’t realize that caging a wild animal is plain cruel.
    I hope one day the tiger gets back his freedom…

    Great post, Mike.


  3. Fun pic, but I hate stories like this one. There is a refuge zoo not far from my home too, I like to visit, but it is always so sad. It is amazing what people think pets are! I’m just glad there are places that will take care of them once they are rescued!


  4. You have just made our ending statement, “ego, stupidity and arrogance”, it will be he demise of our world. It’s only getting worse. Those of us who can try, but I am feeling outnumbered. Your photo is thought provoking.


  5. What I don’t understand is how people can get exotic animals such as this in the first place. Many exotic animals require a permit or something. Also, don’t they think ahead? Apparently not. These magnificent creatures require a lot of care and you have to commit to that; if you can’t, don’t get one. That being said, large exotic animals should not be available to the general public. Absolutely should not.


  6. This is very sad story… Always so touching for me. BUT with your camera you really captured such an amazing action… the pool and his action they all dance in the same half circle line… how can I express this I don’t know but you captured a very artistic image… fascinated me. Thank you dear Mike, with my love, nia


  7. I agree Mike, anyone that removes, or purchases beautiful, magnificent, wild creatures from their natural environments for their own pleasure, should be themselves confined. It is sad that people can not leave the wild creatures alone to live as they were meant to live … free.


  8. Mike, this photo is beautiful – the angle is amazing. I love it! But you give the ‘imbecile’ much too much credit by calling an a**hole an ‘imbecile.’ And the cell dimensions you specify are much too generous. I’m thinking a straightjacket in a non-padded crawlspace underneath a leaky outhouse. 👿


  9. I’ll bet the tiger would be willing to share his cage…

    There was a refuge like yours near our home in Texas a long time ago. I never understood where the tigers came from. There were laws where we lived to prevent exotic animals from being treated that way.


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