Red Door

© 2012  Michael Fiveson

Just off the rail road tracks and on the back of an old warehouse there are a number of interesting doors that are decaying in magnificent ways.

35 thoughts on “Red Door

  1. This image is a great example of breaking the rule of thirds and making it work. Love the symmetry and simplicity in The Red Door, in addition to how you used color to organize and unify the composition. Nice work!


    • I don’t really have any plan when I shoot. It is all intuitive and natural and even easy. Just looking, finding, and shooting. If this image lent itself to the rule of thirds, it could have happened. Thank you.


    • I think part of the building is being used as there are cars parked at the main entrance which must be office space. I don’t know whats in the warehouse, if anything. Once upon a time it must have been linked to the RR tracks as the doors are very close…….25 ft or so.


  2. It is very old and at some point got its last coat of paint, and then I’m sure the warehouse closed and no one had a vested interest to keep the door ship shape. I have 5 other doors, all red and decaying, from the same shoot. I’ll post them as time goes by, and thank you for your comment.


  3. Each of these doors are so intriguing, and so different. Isn’t it amazing how something that at a casual glance all looks the same can vary so much, can be so unique? Can’t wait to see the rest in this series!


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