29 thoughts on “Powdered

  1. I guess you got winter, eh? We’ve had a virtually snowless winter here in the Blackstone Valley. LAST year, we had more snow than ever before recorded, THIS year, the lowest winter snowfall ever recorded. Probably that’s because I bought I really warm coat and expensive winter boots 🙂 The dogs miss the snow, I have to admit, I don’t. But I miss the beauty of it … and had been counting on getting some snow pictures … Not this year, unless March surprises us. Thanks for the reminder!


    • We have had a very light winter. In October we got slammed real hard with two nasty storms but since then it has been light, which is fine by me as I don’t like winter. If we get any more snow I will have it all shipped to you 🙂


      • Well, Mike…it was an adventure for those years, as well as “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” We grew our own food, raised cattle, goats, geese and chickens. The best thing was: there were NO ‘food police’ telling me I couldn’t buy raw milk and skim the cream to make my own butter. I canned and froze about a thousand quarts of food every year, we had a steer butchered each January, and butchered chickens when needed. It was a somewhat hard life with no clothes dryer (hang ’em and watch ’em freeze-dry), but this city-bred girl still hankers for the country life where it was just us, God and the vagaries of nature.


  2. Very nice contrast in color and textures between the snow and the rough, cracked surfaces of the wood. I really, really, enjoy this one Mike. On a side note….how fortunate that you get to walk in such places!


  3. So glad you stopped by. I’ve been browsing through your blog, and you have amazing pictures here! I’m really missing snow this winter, so this is a great boost to my spirit.


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