would come by my desk

almost every day

as his days were running out

and he would sit

and laugh

and share

and I

loved it

we connected as men

and co-workers

and human beings

and the things we talked about


more than he knew

more than I knew

politics, love, life, humor, absurdities, death, pain, joy, fishing, Mexico, work

the conversations friends have

especially dying ones

go to new places

and leave indelible marks


John does not come by my desk

even though I know he is gone

I look for him

and long for him

and wonder

how any friend

could ever be

a light so bright

a heart so soft




21 thoughts on “John

  1. How precious. Men are often reluctant to admit affection for other men, as friends…we think it means we’re less manly, it seems…but how sweet the friendship is when we allow ourselves to acknowledge how our men friends touch our hearts. I’m very sorry for your loss, Mike, but very happy, too, that you can share it. Thank you.


    • Yes Joseph. When we are in the moment we really don’t recognize the moment fully. Kind of like youth wasted on the young… this case life wasted on the living.


  2. so poignant, moving.
    I realised at around 19 when faced with a life-threatening illness that it
    is the intangibles things in life that truly matter:

    time, love, health, and good family/friends

    what a testament to the love that endures timespace…



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