Hard to let this day pass without expressing my continuing admiration for those who answered the call after Pearl Harbor.

As a Navy vet myself, 1968-1972, I have grown to understand the incredible bravery and resolve that went into fighting that war and saving the world from a fate unimaginable.

The heroes that braved those years fighting for a cause so just, experienced conditions that were beyond comprehension. My respect knows no bounds. If you see any person in uniform, thank them. If you meet a WWll veteran, give them a hug. They are vanishing quickly.

15 thoughts on “WWll

  1. I hate war but really admire the people who have defended and continue to defend our countries. I just wish they didn’t have to fight and get killed/kill others. It is so incredibly sad when young men and women die.


  2. I love this post. You make us think beyond the war to the individuals fighting it, and remind us that those individuals put their lives in front of ours. Gratitude is the least we can award them. And I’d like to start with the Navy vet who wrote it – thank you, Mike.


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