it approaches

I can smell its wrath

feel it on my skin

even hear it

as it moves closer

promising isolation




my favorite season


sad enough to cry leaves

dying slowly

overcome by time

and a tired sun

so I wait


if I can hide




7 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I grew up in Nebraska. The bitterness of winter never suited me. In the south, I fare better, but still find myself a little melancholy with too many cold days in January. Still, I find myself missing the snow and ice sometimes,always at the ready with my shovel and salt!


    • I bought a snow blower and a real nice motorhome. The snow blower saves my fragile back, and when I curse no one can hear me. The motorhome is used often in the summer and sooner than later will be used to escape the freaking winter.


      • Can you believe I am happy as a lark to scoop snow when we DO get a little snow? Ha ha!! Even living here, I still find myself wishing we could travel to the islands (St. Maartin is my favorite) for a couple of months in the winter. I am always comfortable on the beach, basking in the sun!


      • What you get are frozen ice storms and they are real nasty. I spent a little time in western Arkansas, real close to Oklahoma. Ah yes, the beach.


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